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    I Just Found Out Woody From "Toy Story" Has A Last Name And My Brain Exploded

    It's been 14 years since the first Toy Story and I JUST FOUND THIS OUT.

    Hi, I'm Andy, and like literally everyone*, I love the Toy Story movies.

    But today, I read something that shook me to my hollow, plastic core: Woody, as in Sheriff Woody, as in the star of Woody's Roundup, HAS A LAST NAME.

    Seriously! Look at this!

    OK, obviously Wikipedia isn't a source (my high school English teacher told me that), but here's the real proof: a tweet from Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich from ALL THE WAY BACK IN 2009!

    Woody's actual full name is "Woody Pride", and has been since the earliest days of developing the original Toy Story.

    That clearly makes it canon.

    Now, maybe some of you are out there like, "Of course his full name is Woody Pride, I knew that, why didn't you know that?"

    I probably should have! Apparently it was in some kind of art for Kingdom Hearts 3, which I played!

    I was today years old when I found out Woody had a last name

    But other people are surprised too, OK?

    @kaaay524 and i when we discovered Woody has a last name Woody Pride

    Honestly, I'm just dealing with the shock right now. I wonder if he's related to Kitty Pryde.