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    Holy Shit, I Literally Never Noticed This Detail In "Jurassic Park"

    When approaching a baby dilophosaurus, keep your hood up.

    Jurassic Park is a '90s classic, and everyone who disagrees can eat triceratops poop.

    But there's one thing about the movie that, through all these years, has bothered me...

    Why does the little dilophosaurus go from being all cute and curious to spitting acid in Nedry's face in, like, two seconds?

    Well, Redditor magecatwitharrows seems to have it figured out. At first, the lil' dino is curious about Nedry and very docile.

    BUT! What's the very first thing Nedry does when he sees the dino? He puts his hood up!

    According to magecatwitharrows' theory, the appearance of the hood might have made the dilophosaurus think that perhaps Nedry was ALSO a dilophosaurus of some kind, because of the big hood.

    But when Nedry falls down at the top of the hill, his hood is off!

    The rest, as they say, is history.