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This Guy Made A Whole Bob's Burgers/Archer Cross-Over And It's Phenomenal


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Stop whatever you're doing and watch this incredible mash-up between Archer and Bob's Burgers:

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The impressive project is the work of London-based art director Simon Chong, who painstakingly animated the video and pulled dialogue from the two shows to stitch together into a narrative.

Twitter: @chongster62

Chong had to re-draw the backgrounds and re-animate the characters from Bob's Burgers in addition to incorporating the Archer characters he drew in the Bob's Burgers style.


According to Chong, the piece took seven months to make, in part because he had to search for dialogue to use.

"The hardest part was matching dialogue together and forming a story," Chong told BuzzFeed. "Trawling through eight seasons of Archer and seven seasons of Bob's Burgers for dialogue that lined up was tough!"

The hard work was all well worth it, though, as Chong already has a job offer thanks to the video.

"The response has been amazing from both sides," he said. "The executive producers on both shows have been in touch to say they loved it, as well as animators and art directors on the show. The cast of both have also been in touch to say they liked it."