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    Oct 21, 2017

    Hillary Clinton Trying To Skip The Inauguration Is All Of Us Trying To Cancel Plans

    "We called the Bushes."

    Hillary Clinton stopped by The Graham Norton Show after an inconvenient toe injury to talk about her book, and her story about the inauguration is honestly kinda relatable.

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    Clinton was obligated by tradition to attend, not because she was the opposing nominee, but because she was a former first lady. And...well, she really didn't want to go.


    So she did what all of us do when we want to cancel plans...she asked if her friends were going or not.


    She called George W. and Laura Bush...


    ...and she called Jimmy and Eleanor Rosalynn Carter.


    They were all attending, so Hillary hit "going" on the metaphorical Facebook invite.


    Basically, post-election Hillary Clinton is actually all of us.


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