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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About HGTV Shows

    "I feel like HGTV is creating some false expectations for the attractiveness of the contractor you hire for home renovations."

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    1. When House Hunters makes you realize you'll be living in an apartment for a long time:

    2. When you pick the right house before anyone else and brag about it for a week:

    3. When you don't understand many things in life but you understand HGTV:

    4. When someone mentions paint color for the 1,000th time:

    5. When your priorities are always in order:

    6. When you wish that Tarek would fail just once:

    7. When the Property Brothers are very, very Canadian.

    8. When Drew and Jonathan's older brother, JD, shows up and you're like, whaaat:

    9. When you know all of the keywords — *cough* shiplap *cough* — of each show:

    10. When your true love is watching the hosts and their families:

    11. When you know exactly how to start that Tinder conversation:

    12. When you know you've found the one thing that will keep you and your partner together forever:

    13. When you're 100% confident that you could totally be a professional contractor now:

    14. When you become way too invested in the lives of the people you don't know:

    15. When you have to emotionally and physically prepare for an adorable ending to an episode:

    16. When your dreams are big but your pockets are empty:

    17. When you get excited to have your roof fixed because you think Chip will come over:

    18. When you get too heated and have to take a step back from the HGTV person you've become:

    19. When you become the best marriage counselor that you know:

    20. When Renovations is on and you know you're in for an hour of frustration:

    21. And finally, when the demands are too darn high:

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