Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About HGTV Shows

    "I feel like HGTV is creating some false expectations for the attractiveness of the contractor you hire for home renovations."

    1. When House Hunters makes you realize you'll be living in an apartment for a long time:

    2. When you pick the right house before anyone else and brag about it for a week:

    3. When you don't understand many things in life but you understand HGTV:

    4. When someone mentions paint color for the 1,000th time:

    5. When your priorities are always in order:

    6. When you wish that Tarek would fail just once:

    7. When the Property Brothers are very, very Canadian.

    8. When Drew and Jonathan's older brother, JD, shows up and you're like, whaaat:

    9. When you know all of the keywords — *cough* shiplap *cough* — of each show:

    10. When your true love is watching the hosts and their families:

    11. When you know exactly how to start that Tinder conversation:

    12. When you know you've found the one thing that will keep you and your partner together forever:

    13. When you're 100% confident that you could totally be a professional contractor now:

    14. When you become way too invested in the lives of the people you don't know:

    15. When you have to emotionally and physically prepare for an adorable ending to an episode:

    16. When your dreams are big but your pockets are empty:

    17. When you get excited to have your roof fixed because you think Chip will come over:

    18. When you get too heated and have to take a step back from the HGTV person you've become:

    19. When you become the best marriage counselor that you know:

    20. When Renovations is on and you know you're in for an hour of frustration:

    21. And finally, when the demands are too darn high: