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    Skyrim Is The Best Game Ever Made And I Have The Memes To Prove It

    "I want to cosplay as Lydia, go to a con, and just stand in doorways."

    1. Let's talk about how Skyrim lets you name your weapons, so you can giggle every time you open your inventory.

    2. Or about how Lydia is the worst follower ever.

    3. Or about the little details in the game, like how this guy got screwed.

    4. Or how the guard AI is questionable at best.

    5. As it turns out, the game's skill meters are great for memes.

    6. Like, the best.

    7. Sometimes, skeletons are busy in Skyrim.

    8. And the NPCs are excellent liars.

    9. We've all learned a lot from the game, like the fact that Skyrim belongs to the Nords.

    10. And that you should always make sure to properly name your enchanted items.

    11. And that Dwemer ruins will ruin your day.

    12. And that no city in all of Tamriel is worse than Markarth.

    13. Oh, and that you should NOT cross an ancient talking dragon, apparently.

    14. We know that Hadvar's seen some shit.

    15. And that any screenshot of the game is pure art.

    16. And that there are endless puns to be made.

    17. But most of all, we know that the best way to get someone to play Skyrim is to get them hooked on alchemy.