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Hey, Do You Play Kingdom Hearts? I Got Some Memes For Ya


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1. Kingdom Hearts is a video game where you fight alongside Disney characters who refuse to heal you.

2. The plot's a little confusing.

3. Oh yeah, Final Fantasy characters are there.

4. And they're not helpful either.

5. Sora always seems to forget that he's HOLDING A GIANT KEY.

6. People have very large shoes.

7. Did I mention that Donald never heals you?

8. It's multi-console, which is great because you have to learn a new control scheme every time.

9. There's always a new Disney cameo.

10. People are generally pretty oblivious in the game.

11. They could just retitle the games, "Let's Get The Fuck Out Of Agrabah."

12. Say it with me: Donald never heals.

13. Even the tough characters are sappy as hell.

14. Except Donald Duck, who is always an asshole.

15. The boss battles are frickin' impossible.

16. And there's actual dialogue like this:

17. It takes dark, scary, adult themes and presents them for the kiddos!

18. Oh, and in case it wasn't clear: DONALD SUCKS AT HEALING.