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Try Not To Get Nostalgic When You See How The Internet Looked 10 Years Ago

Remember the Great Farmville Scourge?

Here's what the Twitter login page looked like, along with what was trending in January of 2010. Remember when we were all obsessed with Avatar?

Instagram's UI looked like this back in 2010, the year that it launched:


Here's what Amazon's homepage looked like on January 1, 2010. That OG Kindle! Those UGG boots!

Over at, the Playstation 2 and Guitar Hero were pretty popular. Anybody want an iPod?

Apple was pushing their "fastest, most powerful iPhone ever," the iPhone 3GS:

In October of 2010, Limewire was officially shut down after a court ordered them to stop offering their software:

Early in 2010, was plugging their coverage of the Olympics in Vancouver, along with a few shows you might recognize: The Office, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Heroes, and Chuck:

Google looked mostly the same, except it had its old logo and a link for iGoogle (RIP):

Best Buy was selling some (slightly chonky) TVs at about $330 for a 32-incher, and some "sleek & slim" digital cameras for those who felt their iPhone photos were just too darn grainy:

Neopets was hoppin', of course:

YouTube had their old logo, but as always, we were watching vids of "Very Funny Cats":

Funny or Die was going strong:

Wikipedia looked...almost exactly the same, actually, except with about half the number of the articles:

Reddit also looked mostly the same, but with not nearly as many Subreddits:

But people were also using Stumbleupon a lot to find random internet stuff:

In January, People was talking about Miley Cyrus's not-engagement, fashion from the Critics' Choice Awards, and the death of Brittany Murphy, which happened just a few weeks earlier:

MTV was wrapping up the first season of Teen Mom in January (Season 2 would premiere in July 2010), and a lot of celeb news was about stars helping out after the earthquake in Haiti:

Pinterest was so new that you had to request an invitation to use it:

"Texts From Last Night" was a source of hours of entertainment:

Facebook went through a pretty big redesign that year, and Farmville was at the height of its popularity:

Facebook / Via

Gmail rolled out "priority inbox" in 2010:

Also, remember Google Buzz? That was announced in February of 2010:

And finally, here's what BuzzFeed Dot Com the Website looked like 10 years ago. Ah, to be young again:

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