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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Oct 30, 2015

    These Famous Landmarks Photoshopped To Look Like The Zombie Apocalypse Are Chilling

    What if The Walking Dead took place in London?

    In the first season of The Walking Dead, we got a good look at what Atlanta would look like in a zombie apocalypse.


    But what about the rest of the world? Thanks to a Photoshop contest from DesignCrowd, now we know.

    For example, London's Houses of Parliament...

    André Zehetbauer / Via Flickr: az1172

    ...might look something like this winning submission.

    Jagstar Design / Via

    The majestic Taj Mahal...

    TausP. / Via Flickr: tausp

    ...could end up mostly rubble.

    Enzzok / Via

    New York's busy and vibrant Times Square...

    MK Feeney / Via Flickr: feeney1982

    ...could end up a much more desolate place.

    waytfung / Via

    The beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris...

    xlibber / Via Flickr: xlibber

    ...wouldn't be lit up at night anymore.

    nafizrahat / Via

    Also, that zombie in the bottom left looks familiar!

    Or it could even end up being a useful tool for the zombies, as in this World War Z–inspired design.

    bluegaptek2 / Via

    And as for beautiful Sydney, Australia...

    Corey Leopold / Via Flickr: cleopold73 looks like the whole place could go up in flames.

    bluegaptek / Via

    You can check out more submitted designs over at DesignCrowd.

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