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    This Shot From The "Ghostbusters" Trailer Might Have Revealed A Lot

    That Times Square scene is full of interesting hints!

    Hopefully by now you've seen the awesome trailer for the new Ghostbusters reboot.


    It shows Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones in action as our new ghostbusting heroes.

    Director Paul Feig hinted that there were some hidden easter eggs in this very short Times Square shot, and boy was he right.


    First off, see that Twinkie billboard? The slogan reads, "That's A Big" followed by a picture of a Twinkie.


    Sounds familiar, right?

    Columbia Pictures

    There are more hints, which might reveal some plot details about the SPOILER ALERT!!

    In the last few frames of that shot, you can see all the signs in Times Square changing to stuff from the 1970s, indicating that there might be a time travel element to the story.


    There's a poster for the movie Taxi Driver, as well as one for Boris Karloff's Isle of the Snake People.

    So if the new team is going to be back in the '70s, does that mean...A POSSIBLE CAMEO OR TWO?!

    Columbia Pictures

    The actors have confirmed that they'll be making cameos, but Bill Murray claims he won't be playing Venkman. Given this information, though, perhaps he will be after all.

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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