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    Sep 4, 2018

    7 "Destiny 2: Forsaken" Tips, Straight From The Bungie Team

    With tips straight from the game's creators!

    If you're a fan of Destiny, you know that the game's new expansion, Forsaken, is out today. BuzzFeed spoke to Bungie for some tips in advance of the release, so you can hit the ground running and get to avenging.


    In addition to their own tips, Activision provided a review copy of the game for the purpose of this post, so we can provide our own findings as well. Here's what we learned!

    1. For quick leveling, remember to look for region chests. If you're a new player (or just behind), you can use a boost to get to PL 320.


    "For new players, there’s a boost that will take your character up to Level 30 and Power 320," Destiny 2's Project Lead, Scott Taylor, told BuzzFeed. "This will get you ready to start the Forsaken campaign. If you’re an existing player with a character that’s fallen behind, you can use this boost to quickly get them caught up."

    Taylor also recommends checking for region chests, as they'll contain a good amount of XP to help you reach max level (which is now 50) quickly. And don't forget about bounties!

    2. Nascent Engrams will help you hit max power (600) after you hit the soft cap of 500, as will some bounties and quests.


    "Spider and Petra each have bounties and quests that will reward you with powerful gear," said game director Steve Cotton. "And then there is the newest addition to the journey to become more powerful: Nascent Engrams will drop for you occasionally during any activity as long as you have the Prime Engram Tracker buff. So choose your activities wisely and you can double up on Powerful Rewards."

    3. Cotton recommends Ace of Spades for your first exotic target, but teases that a "revamped" Lord of Wolves is also out there.


    "Don’t ignore cleaning up the rest of the solar system of the Wanted Outlaws," Cotton said. "Spider has many bounties for you to purchase for a small price and these will point you in the right direction. If you do enough of them, Spider might have an exotic surprise for you...a revamped Lord of Wolves."

    4. Taylor offered a few tips for the new Gambit mode, including banking motes in multiples of five and timing invasions after the enemy Primeval has already taken damage.


    "In Gambit, invading is key," Taylor said. "A good time to invade is when the opponent’s team is holding a lot of motes. You can tell this from the status bar at the top. Red means banked motes, the gray means carrying motes. Look for a lot of gray. When invading, keep an eye out for Guardians with the largest numbers over their head. These are the ones carrying the most and will lead to the biggest swing."

    You'll notice that banking 5 motes gets you a small blocker, 10 gets a medium, and 15 gets a large. So you'll probably want to wait until you have at least 5 to bank. But make sure you bank frequently so you don't lose your motes! And definitely always bank before you invade.

    5. When you get to the Dreaming City, read between the lines and go "off the beaten path."


    It sounds like the Dreaming City — Forsaken's end-game area — will have a bunch of secrets for the Destiny community to figure out. Cotton recommends that players find Petra and "read her bounties and quests carefully," which could mean that there are some hidden hints. Cotton also hinted, "Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path," which sounds like players might find some hidden areas if they do some exploring.

    6. Weapons are gonna change — a lot.

    Kirk Hamilton / Bungie / Via

    You may have already noticed the new equip system for weapons, which means that a bunch of weapons that were previously for the Power slot only can now be used as Special. In addition to that, you can expect random perk rolls on new weapons, a new mod system (they'll provide new, unique perks and drop into your inventory when you dismantle an item), and a new tier system for Masterworks.

    7. Each class/subclass will have a new Super to use.


    Tired of your old skill loadout? You'll have a whole new skill tree and super to use as you go through the Forsaken campaign, one for each subclass. These include a giant flaming hammer for Titans, a beam of electricity for Warlocks, and "Spectral Blades" for Hunters, among others. Here's a video of all of them in action.

    We'll be updating with more tips and hints as they come in, so be sure to check back here for more!

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