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Here's A Clever Thing You Never Noticed About "Beauty And The Beast" And "Aladdin"

Did Disney drop yet another subtle reference into Aladdin?

As you well know — because you're a big Disney fan and you've seen all the movies many times — Beauty and the Beast's first musical number is Belle's song about her "provincial life."


During the song, Belle stops in the bookstore and has a conversation with the shopkeeper about her favorite book.


But as Tumblr user disneymom pointed out, when Belle starts to explain why it's her favorite, things start to sound very familiar...

She says it has "far-off places."

"Daring sword fights."

"Magic spells." Hmm...

And "a prince in disguise." Aha!

Of course, a lot of fairy tales can be described that way. But you have to admit, there are some striking coincidences.


Disney / BuzzFeed