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Here, Look At These 22 Funny Photos I Had Saved On My Phone

Just in case you're bored.

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1. There's no common theme to the photos in this post.

2. It's just a bunch of funny stuff I had saved on my phone.

3. Just some odds and ends from around the internet.

4. Like this.


5. And this.

6. Just stuff that made me laugh.

7. Or at least chuckle.

8. Or even just exhale sharply through my nose in amusement.


9. Heh.

10. You guys enjoying these?

11. Just wondering, since it's kind of, you know...

12. ...just a dump of stuff.


13. Top-quality stuff though, IMO.

14. Delightful.

15. There's a bit of Tumblr in here...

16. ...lil' bit of Twitter...


17. ...and just good ol' funny photos.

18. Honestly, you probably don't need me to write captions for you. I'll let you enjoy a couple in silence.

19. ....

20. ........

21. ...OK I'm back.

22. Oh, this is the last one. Bye!