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    Someone Calculated How Rich Harry Potter Was And The Answer Is Surprising

    This explains why Harry didn't do any work-study programs at Hogwarts.

    Earlier this week, a Reddit user calculated how much wizard money is worth in Muggle money.

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    Now, using that info, another Redditor has figured out approximately how much money Harry had in his vault.

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    To do this, Reddit user NeokratosRed estimated the number of coins in each pile shown in the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. / NeokratosRed

    NeokratosRed intentionally went with a low estimate in order to get a minimum figure for how much money Harry has. / NeokratosRed

    Since we know that one galleon equals about $25 (American), and that all the gold coins are galleons (sickles are silver and knuts are bronze), we can determine that the minimum value of the money in Harry's vault is...

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    $1.2 MILLION.

    Holy Hufflepuffs! Harry was REALLY rich.

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    Of course, that's only Harry's assets, and a conservative estimate at that. So really, his net worth could be MUCH more than that.

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    NeokratosRed explains:

    A bit of clarity on the assumptions made here:
    * This does not take into account other properties, like Grimmauld's Place
    * This is not canon, what I meant this is as close as canon as we can get, since although the books are our official reference the movies come as close second, since in a way or another J.K. was involved as a consultant, and it's the second-best material we can work with in some aspects. (The first being J.K. herself)
    * This was a minimum estimate, which means that I took all the precautions of the case to underestimate the actual wealth. In the book we can read:
    Harry gasped. Inside were mounds of gold coins. Columns of silver. Heaps of little bronze Knuts.

    [This means that there were multiple mounds of gold coins, not just one, and there was also silver].

    If we take into account the actual width and depth of a Vault we can see the value skyrocket to tens of millions, assuming the whole floor is covered in gold and silver, so I just tried to keep things as low as possible.

    So with Harry's net worth possibly being near the tens of millions, it's clear who was hosting the Battle of Hogwarts victory party.

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    Max Morgan

    Reader Max Morgan sent in this photo of his copies of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages, which both have prices in USD and wizard money on the back. Using his calculations, Harry would be considerably less wealthy and would have a minimum of $242,938 in his vault.

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