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Harry Potter Dueling Wands Exist Now And Merlin's Beard, I Want One

Guys, it's like Harry Potter laser tag. HARRY POTTER LASER TAG.

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WELL. Jakks Pacific is coming out with motion-sensing toy wands that allow you to "cast spells" either on your own to practice, or against your friends!

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Three different wands will be available at launch: Voldemort's, Dumbledore's (aka the Elder Wand), and of course Harry's.

The wands use motion sensors to detect wand movement, allowing the user to cast different spells.

Jakks Pacific / Via

And before you even ask, the answer is no, you can't cast any unforgivable curses. You monster.

The wands will cost $24.99 each, and have three different game modes.

Jakks Pacific / Via

Those include a practice mode where you and friends can race to cast spells correctly, a Dumbledore's Army training mode, which Nerdist describes as a "magical take on Rock, Paper, Scissors," and a laser-tag-esque mode called Wizard Tag, where you can duel a friend.