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    18 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Realize Some Shit About "Lion King"

    ♫ It's goin' down, I'm yelling Simbaaaa ♫

    1. This pet-based reenactment:

    2. This actually inappropriate quote:

    3. This casual reminder of time's fleeting nature:

    4. This sign from above:

    5. This thing that you totally didn't do to your cat when no one was looking:

    6. This terrible pun:

    7. This equally terrible pun:

    8. And these accurate reactions to terrible puns:

    9. This explainer, so you can finally sing the right words:

    10. This stellar knock-knock joke:

    11. This dramatic interaction:

    12. This clear winner:

    13. The coining of the phrase, "Hakuna my tatas":

    14. This random fact:

    15. This realization:

    16. This medley of lyrics:

    17. This very reasonable explanation for why Scar hates everything:

    18. And finally, this summary of the end of the movie: