19 Things That Are Just Really, Really Good Ideas

    Me reading this post while getting out my wallet: "Ooooooooo, neato!"

    1. This tire with a simple and clear way to tell if you need a new one:

    2. These bike stands that help avoid a wet seat (both the bike's and, subsequently, yours):

    3. This fridge with a convenient slot for the water pitcher:

    4. These trippy window covers:

    These particular blinds are from a Ukrainian company called HoleRoll.

    5. This super-pretty soy sauce dish:

    6. This TV light kit with smart ambient lighting that syncs to your TV:

    It's a Philips Hue Sync setup, by the way.

    7. These elevator buttons that you can kick so you don't have to touch anything with your hands:

    8. And this elevator, which has taken things to a whole new level with HOLOGRAPHIC buttons:

    9. This shampoo bottle that has a little window on the side so you know when you're running low:

    10. And this plastic wrap, which has an alert system of its own:

    11. This suitcase that helps you avoid overweight baggage fees:

    12. These sleep masks that ensure you don't miss your in-flight meal (or your much-needed shut-eye):

    13. This shirt that has a microfiber cloth sewn right into the spot you always use to wipe your glasses:

    14. This keyboard cover that shows you all the shortcuts so you're not always going, "Was it command-shift-Z or option-shift-Z?":

    15. This pill bottle that eliminates the "Did I take my pills today?" problem:

    16. This toothbrush that at least cuts down on SOME plastic waste:

    17. And this toothpaste dispenser that ensures you don't waste any precious globs:

    18. This handmade wooden console with outlets so you can easily charge your phone while lounging:

    19. And finally, this futuristic train that automatically protects the privacy of people in their track-adjacent homes: