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    19 Reasons The Nintendo 64 Is The Greatest Console Of All Time

    N64 is love. N64 is life.

    1. Because nothing will top the wonder of running through a 3D Mario level for the first time ever.

    2. And even the start screen was magical.

    3. Because you may have shed a tear or two at the end of Star Fox 64.

    4. Because seeing this should absolutely stress you out.

    5. And the only thing better than single-player GoldenEye was multiplayer GoldenEye.

    6. And this is a universal fact.

    #CheatingIsOkayIf your friend is using OddJob in GoldenEye 64. Then you can screen-watch.

    7. Oh, and remember when there was no DLC?

    8. Because they were resilient as all hell.

    9. Because this single-handedly got you into a serious skateboarding phase.


    11. Because there was something so weird and fun about Pokémon Snap.

    12. Mastering Rainbow Road was a feat like no other.

    13. And Mario Party temporarily ruined many a friendship.

    14. Because of the long-forgotten conveniences of cartridges.

    15. And the fact that we ignored this suggestion because it TOTALLY WORKED.

    16. The console is beautifully customizable.

    Like, whoa.

    17. And even though the controller design was questionable...

    This still bothers us.

    18. And you would happily use those controllers anytime, even now, to Falcon Punch the crap out of your friends.

    19. And finally, three words: Ocarina of Time.