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12 Quizzes For Anyone Under The Age Of 36

Sorry, no Boomers allowed.

Getty / BuzzFeed

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of quizzes that you can take to prove you are young and hip, or at the very least under the age of 36.

1. If You Can't Name At Least 3 People In This Quiz, You're Totes Old

Photos of Gen Z celebs with text asking "who are these people"
Rachel Zegler / SpencerX / Instagram / Via

It helps if you spend any time on TikTok. Take the quiz here.

2. Sorry, But If You Were Born Before 1996, There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz

A photo of the star of "Hannah Montana" with quiz options asking if she's Miley Cyrus or Debby Ryan
Peter Kramer / Getty Images

If you're not up with all the current stars, maybe this quiz about 2000s stars is more your speed. Take the quiz here.

3. This TV Trivia Quiz Will Separate The Gen Z'ers From The Millennials

A quiz question: "What snack was Cat Valentine obsessed with on Victorious?"

Gen Z'ers and Millennials will probably both do well, but be careful if you're over 35. Take the quiz here.

4. Only Gen Z'ers And Hip Millennials Are Passing This TikTok Quiz

A dancing alpaca from the "Mi Pan Su Su Sum" YouTube video
Sensei D TV / TikTok / Via

You gotta know TikTok sounds for this one, so I hope you usually scroll with headphones on. Take the quiz here.

5. Good Luck Millennials, Because Only Gen Z'ers Are Acing This TikTok Lyrics Quiz

A fill-in-the-blank for these lyrics: "Interior crocodile alligator I drive a Chevrolet blank"
Daniella Emanuel / BuzzFeed

If you aced the other TikTok sound quiz, try this one centered solely on lyrics. Take the quiz here.

6. Sorry Millennials, Only Gen Z'ers Can Pass This "Victorious" Trivia Quiz

Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies in "Victorious"

It was a formative show for many Gen Z'ers...can you pass the test? Take the quiz here.

7. Sorry, But No One Under 25 Or Over 35 Can Pass This Toy Quiz

A Polly Pocket toy from the '90s
Twitter: @forevermylove__

This one's for all the young Millennials out there. Or Gen Z'ers who played with their older siblings' old toys. Take the quiz here.

8. This "Know" Or "Don't Know" 2000s Song Quiz Will Guess Your Age Group With 97% Accuracy

A question asking if you know the song "Hey Ya!" by OutKast

Just try to think back on all the stuff you had on your iPod Mini. Take the quiz here.

9. You'll Only Pass This "High School Musical" Dance Quiz If You Grew Up In The 2000s

Disney Channel

I can't remember, was it step – pump down – clap? Or step – pump down – cross arms? Take the quiz here.

10. We Can Guess Your Generation Based On Whether You Find These '00s Fashion Trends "Cringe" Or "Cool"

Avril Lavigne in the early 2000s wearing a tie over her t-shirt
Scott Gries / Getty Images

Judge people for their early aughts fashion choices and/or cringe while remembering your own early aughts fashion choices! Take the quiz here.

11. Design Your College Dorm And We'll Reveal What Three Majors Suit You Best

A quiz question asking what kind of lights you want to put in your dorm room, including fairy lights and salt lamps
BuzzFeed / Getty Images

I don't know if "dorm room design" is a major, but if so you should have some AP credits by the time you're done with this. Take the quiz here.

12. If You Were Born Before 1997, Chances Are You Can't Identify These 12 Famous Musicians

Chloe x Halle posing on the red carpet, with the text: "Who are these famous musicians?"
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

You've probably heard 'em on Spotify, but can you recognize these young artists on sight? Take the quiz here.

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