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    "Game Of Thrones" Released Photos Of The Final Episode, But There's Only Two Of Them

    We're starving for details and this is what we get? I NEED MORE PHOTOS.

    It's been a wild fuckin' ride, but at long last the final episode of Game of Thrones airs this weekend.


    Everybody's wondering how it all will end. People have theories! But really, we're all pretty much in the dark, unless you work on the show or have read questionable leaks.

    Game of Thrones finale is gonna end with the screen going black, and then Tony Soprano snapping out of it and finishing his dinner.

    So when I got an email today saying that HBO had released preview photos of the final episode, this was me:


    Exciting, right? A glimpse into one of the most anticipated TV finales of all time!

    Are you ready to see the photos that HBO sent?

    Get ready....

    Here's one.


    And here's...uh, the other.


    Wait that's it? TWO photos? Listen, I'm not one to look a gift (white, bloody, standing in the middle of King's Landing) horse in the mouth, but not only is that not enough photos, but they're also basically just shots from the trailer that aired after last week's episode:

    View this video on YouTube

    Like, is there some kind of secret if I zoom in on the rubble? A hidden detail? No? Nothing?


    If I invert the photo of Tyrion and flip it upside-down, does it reveal a hidden message? Maybe something that provides ANY more information about the next episode? No?


    FINE. I guess I just have to WAIT until SUNDAY like some kind of PEASANT from FLEA BOTTOM.


    If you need any more wild speculation before the final episode, check out more of our Game of Thrones coverage. There will be more than two photos.