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20 "Game Of Thrones" Quizzes To Take Now That The Show's Over

The series might end, but the quizzes shall live on.

Looking for some Game of Thrones quizzes to take as you make your way through the final season? Here are 20 of them. Click the links to try each quiz!

1. How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of Game Of Thrones?

HBO / BuzzFeed

The show premiered almost exactly eight years ago. See if you can remember the pilot episode!

2. There Are Over 250 "Game Of Thrones" Characters And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Name 25

HBO / Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Hey, did you know this show has a LOT of characters? See how many names you can actually remember.

3. Answer Six Questions And We'll Tell You Which Badass "Game Of Thrones" Lady You Are

HBO / BuzzFeed

There are so many badass women on the show, but which one are you?

4. Everyone Is A Combo Of One Marvel And One Game Of Thrones Character — Here's Yours

Marvel / BuzzFeed

Maybe you're a little Tony Stark, maybe you're a little Sansa Stark. Take the quiz to find out!

5. Answer These Questions About Sex, And We'll Tell You Which "Game Of Thrones" House You Belong To

iStock / BuzzFeed

Is it hot in here, or is the Sept burning with wildfire? Take the quiz!

6. How Would You Die In “Game Of Thrones”?

HBO / BuzzFeed

Valar morghulis, right? Discover your fate.

7. Tell Us What You Hate, And We'll Tell You Which "Game Of Thrones" Villain You Are

HBO / BuzzFeed

Cross your fingers and hope you don't get Joffrey. Take the quiz, if you dare.

9. Only Creative Game Of Thrones Fans Can Recognize The Character From A Crappy Drawing

Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

Do you know your fave character's face well enough to pick them out of a crappy drawing lineup? Only one way to find out — take the quiz!

10. If You Love Game Of Thrones, You'll Have Trouble Answering These 16 Questions

HBO / BuzzFeed

There are no "correct" answers here (even though there kinda are). Make your opinions heard!

11. Build A Life In Westeros And We'll Tell You Where You'll Live

HBO / BuzzFeed

Thankfully you only have to ~imagine~ living in Westeros; you don't have to actually do it.

12. Make Your College Dorm Room Look Nice And We'll Tell You Which "Game Of Thrones" Character Would Be Your Roommate

iStock / BuzzFeed

The aesthetic is cheerier and brighter than the bedrooms at Winterfell. Decorate your dorm!

13. Every "Game Of Thrones" Fan Needs To Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Combination Of Characters They Are

HBO / BuzzFeed

Yes, you can find out which combo of TWO Game of Thrones characters you are. Think of it like being a Faceless Man.

14. These 7 Questions Will Determine Your "Game Of Thrones" Boyfriend

HBO / BuzzFeed

Which hot Game of Thrones guy should you be with?

15. Is This A "Game Of Thrones" Episode Or An Emo Song?

HBO / BuzzFeed

It's a lot harder than it sounds. Take this very emo quiz!

16. This Quiz Will Once And For All Tell You What "Game Of Thrones" Group You're In

HBO / BuzzFeed

Just answer some random questions and find out which faction you should roll with.

17. Which "Game Of Thrones" Character Are You Based On Your Taste In Food?

HBO / BuzzFeed

It'll be much more appetizing than that slop they serve at the Citadel. Try this delicious quiz right now!

18. Play The "Game Of Thrones" And Find Your True House

HBO / BuzzFeed

Which great house do you belong to? Go through this story and you'll find out.

19. The Hardest Harry Potter And Game Of Thrones Combo Quiz

HBO / BuzzFeed

20. Only A Real "Game Of Thrones" Fan Can Name 75% Of These Dead Characters

HBO / BuzzFeed

Yeah, the show has a lot of dead characters. How quickly did you move on after these people died?