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    Literally Just 20 Dads Who Are So Funny That They Made My Day A Little Brighter

    Whether we're laughing with them or laughing at them, dads are hilarious.

    Ah, dads. They have a knack for being funny, even when they aren't exactly being funny on purpose. Know what I mean? If not, just check out these tweets, you'll get it.

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    just learned that all of the "You're the best!" texts my dad sends me are one of three quick reply options in his Toyota Rav4

    Twitter: @boyruminating


    My dad seriously sent this to our family groupchat im crying

    Twitter: @snakel3t


    my dad told me he’s dating someone online so I asked for a picture of her and he sent me this

    Twitter: @stahppitrahn


    my dad goes to a bar with his friends every friday and he makes a list of discussion topics

    Twitter: @kenzianidiot


    My dad says “Big 3rd down” on every 3rd down whenever we watch football together and he is right every single time.

    Twitter: @doulbedoink


    My dad wants me to marry an Italian woman but he won’t say it explicitly. I’ll be like “dad I met a girl” and he’ll be like “Is she…loud?”

    Twitter: @nickpupo


    this piece is entitled "kind things my father has messaged me from the kitchen, at about 6pm, whilst I panic about the world from my bedroom"

    Twitter: @madeleinelily


    The year was 2011. I was 18. I had practiced asking my dad if I can go on holiday with my friends for weeks now. I finally get the courage and ask. My heart is pounding!!!! He looks at me and then goes "I want you to watch a film called Taken"

    Twitter: @__sxzhr


    My dad is so dramatic when I’m not home all day.

    Twitter: @harlz_


    my dad sent me this and i am LOSING MY MIND

    Twitter: @interstxllar_


    my dad just texted "can you give me a call" so either he wants to say hi or my whole family is dead. could be both

    Twitter: @dietz_meredith


    On this national coming out day I remember my dad telling me he didn’t care if I brought home a woman or a man. But I would be disowned if I ever brought someone home who didn’t like BBQ.

    Twitter: @0liviajulianna


    came out to my parents (!) and my dad was like, oh that's nice! i thought you were going to ask for money!

    Twitter: @charlvickers


    Got to my dad’s house and he was showing me all the food he has for me to snack on and he goes “and I have a guacamole ball” what’s a guacamole ball you ask? well I will tell you. an avocado. He has an avocado.

    Twitter: @merestromb


    Love it when my dad refers me work 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Twitter: @_TommyMason


    Throwback to when my Dad forgot I’m a Doctor

    Twitter: @khalifaa_974


    another day of my dad forgetting our amazon accounts are linked ...

    Twitter: @cherhorowiz


    Asked my dad and uncle why they weren’t chatting and my uncle goes “we’re done chatting for today” and my dad nods and they continue watching tv in silence

    Twitter: @momjeansss_


    I asked my dad what he’s doing for Valentine’s Day and he said “your mom and I have been married 40 years so we don’t care about stuff like that” then I asked my mom what she’s doing for Valentine’s Day and she said “idk but I hope your dad has something fun planned!”

    Twitter: @_RobertSchultz


    There's a man in Starbucks holding a bound stack of papers like you print at Office Depot, and he's proudly and loudly telling the couple near him that he's reading his daughter's thesis. "She just graduated with a Master's degree. Historical preservation!" It's so cute.

    Twitter: @punkinonwheels