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    21 Pictures Of Signs That 1000000% Have A Funny Story Behind Them

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, these signs are worth like... probably at least six thousand.

    1. Whoever's working at this Popeyes has HAD IT.

    The sign: We are short staffed today. Please be patient. If you run out of patience, ask for an application.

    2. You can just see the scenes from previous years playing out at this bar.

    Sign says Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas can only be played once a night after Dec. 1

    3. All I'm gonna say here is "same."

    Sign on old truck says, Go around, it's 43 years old and shaped like a brick. PS, horn broken, watch for finger

    4. Uh oh.

    Sign says, If you stole a watermelon from the building to contact poison control because it was injected with the urine of rats on steroids

    5. How about for 30 seconds?

    Sign says, No stopping, not even for 1 minute

    6. This is even sadder than that Hemingway baby shoes thing.

    One sign says, Warning: Low fly

    7. Zeb looks a little too proud of himself.

    Sign has a gorilla photo and says, Zeb throws objects. Please beware his aim is accurate

    8. Stay strong, Abby.

    Dairy Queen sign says, Abby you need to show up for work

    9. I don't know how many lunches Keith had to lose before this sign went up, but it was too many.

    Sign says, Please yell 'NOT A SQUIRREL' when opening book drop so we know you are a human and not a squirrel trying to steal Keith's lunch

    10. *Evil laugh*.

    A sign says, Who took my x-acto knife? The second sign with letters carved using an x-acto knife says, It was me

    11. "I don't know why everyone keeps asking. It says right there on the sign!"

    Sign on scary old-looking chair says, Definitely not haunted

    12. What I wouldn't give to have been in Room 2037 during the conversation that caused this sign to go up.

    Sign says, Any conversation that you have in this corner echoes strongly into Room 2037. Please know that your conversation is not private.

    13. The story behind this sign could go a few ways, and I don't like any of them.

    Sign says, Please note, cat milk does not come from cats


    A cat arm reaches into the fridge. Sign says, Check for cat arm before closing.

    15. The incident that led to this sign must have been a sticky one.

    Sign says, These are cafe syrups not hand sanitizer

    16. Somehow I feel like the cameras won't be much of a deterrent.

    Sign says, Do not click buttons with genitalia. Cameras are watching

    17. ..........Why?

    Sign says, Please stop licking this door

    18. There are thieves among us.

    Sign says, Once the food is given to you, if a seagull takes it, no refunds. The seagulls don't work for us. Sorry for the inconvenience

    19. Hotel workers deserve raises. And hugs.

    Sign says, Dogs are welcome in this hotel. We never had a dog that smoked in bed and set fire to the blankets... We never had a dog that got drunk and broke up the furniture. If your dog can vouch for you, you're welcome too

    20. Yeah, honestly this one is not surprising to me at all.

    Sign says, If you use our cornettos for a Madonna impression you must then purchase them

    21. And finally... I hope this one is more metaphorical and not an actual representation of things people have thrown in the toilet.

    Sign says, Toilet paper only, with a slash across a picture of a man throwing out an apple, sock, a fish, and underwear into the toilet