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    Just 16 Of The Funniest Pieces Of Tumblr Art Ever Drawn

    If you ever wanted to see Bugs Bunny defeating Thanos through hijinks, here's your chance.

    1. When Tumblr did the math on centaur sex:

    2. When they randomly thought "reverse medusa" and knew it needed to be done:

    3. When they came up with a solution:

    4. When they imagined a Harry Potter remake:

    5. When they pictured this Spidey/Deadpool team-up:

    6. When they drew an unnerving tweet:

    7. When they provided a helpful tutorial:

    8. When they wondered about the Chamber of Secrets:

    9. When they imagined the worst cryptid:

    10. When they accidentally came up with a Far Side strip:

    11. When they pictured the best episode of Antiques Roadshow:

    12. When they figured out who could truly defeat Thanos:

    13. When they pictured the buffest bird:

    14. When they got a request and ran with it:

    15. When they drew a sheep:

    16. And finally, when they revealed what made that silhouette:

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