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18 Photos Of People Doing Boneheaded Things That Are So Infuriating They're Actually Kinda Funny

Imagine hacking a credit card and then emailing the person who you hacked to ask why they canceled it. Yikes.

1. This person should read their own bumper sticker, TBH.

A sticker that says "Quick texting & drive"

2. Speaking of not paying attention while driving, here's a person who rear-ended a car in a drive-thru. That takes skill.

Two cars collided

3. This person received an email from a hacker who stole their credit card, asking why the flight they bought with the hacked credit card got canceled.

"Why was my Flight Cancelled?"

4. The person who landed on this 1,000 ticket jackpot was told by the owner that it "has to be exactly in the center" and so they would only give four tickets.

5. This is how a husband left the car for his spouse.

An empty gas tank

6. And this is how a wife left the pistachios for her spouse. Yep, those are used shells mixed in with the nuts.

Used shells with nuts

7. Whoever made this test has some explaining to do.

"ALL that apply"

8. This person's roommate keeps throwing out perfectly good dishes instead of just washing them.

A dish in the trash can

9. Here's a neighbor who "got curious" and committed a small felony.

"Opened it bc I got curious"

10. Here's how one very specific dad cuts pizza because he apparently doesn't like to cut pepperoni.

A badly cut pizza

11. This restaurant is so averse to paying its employees a decent wage that it's asking customers to tip not only the servers, but also the kitchen staff.

A receipt with a place to tip the kitchen staff

12. Here's a good old-fashioned bad parking job that's blocking someone's garage.

A car blocking a driveway

13. And here's a cake designed from an online form that clearly didn't recognize heart emojis.

Question marks on a cake

14. This is exactly the kind of attitude you want from someone who replaced your water heater.

Screenshot of a text exchange

15. And this is exactly the kind of safety you want from a painter.

A ladder on someone's stairs

16. This boyfriend apparently hasn't heard of this thing called a trash can.

Screenshot of a text exchange

17. I can only hope this person is joking.

Popcorn and drinks spilled in a movie theater

18. And finally, these tourists in Hawaii pulled a Michael Scott and listened to their GPS, which told them to drive right into the water.

A car in water