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17 Stupid Posts From People Who Are Probably Voting

You're smarter than these people. Go vote.

1. This person who isn't sure if they're related to their ancestors is probably voting:

A Facebook comment from someone saying "I really wanna find out if I'm related to my ancestors"
big_boi_leticia / Via

2. This guy who thinks Obama "retired" because he was scared of Trump is probably voting:

A tweet saying that Obama was scared to run against Trump and that's why he retired

3. This person who forgot about IDs is probably voting:

A tweet saying the government has your face if you use facial recognition and a reply saying "wait until you find out about driver licenses"

4. This person who thinks diabetics can just...not buy probably voting:

A tweet from Bernie Sanders about how insulin costs $540 per vial and a response saying people just shouldn't buy it if it's so expensive
learningeveryday111 / Via

5. This person who thinks hospital bills are the only thing keeping people from gravely injuring themselves is probably voting:

A Reddit comment asking, if a country has universal healthcare, how you keep people from jumping off things and injuring themselves
MobileTurdFactory / Via

6. This person who thinks you double EVERYTHING in a recipe is probably voting:

A Facebook comment lamenting that they need to double a recipe for cookies but can't double the temperature on their oven to 800 degrees
user deleted / Via

7. This person who thinks diseases just disappear is probably voting:

A Facebook comment saying "the plague disappeared without a vaccine" and a reply saying "because people died you uneducated potato"
dickfromaccounting / Via

8. This person who really needs to learn how to spell "incense" is probably voting:

A Facebook post with a typo saying "I've been trying new ways to relax, currently I'm into essential oil diffusers and incest"
Facebook / Via

9. Both of these people are probably voting:

A Facebook post asking people to name a country without the letter "A" in the name, and the three responses are "Kansis", "Truky" and "London"
user deleted / Via

10. This person with 2020 vision is probably voting:

A tweet saying "I just realized 2020 is 2020 backwards"
pmark879 / Via

11. This DIY-er is probably voting:

A post asking where the OP can find a 3-gang electrical outlet plate with the plug on the right side, but all they really have to do is rotate the plate they have 180 degrees for it to fit
bigmacnpoet / Via

12. This person concerned about "contaminated" solar electricity is probably voting:

A Facebook post about news story about Chinese companies building solar panels at the Chernobyl site and a comment below saying that people will get "contaminated electric"
VidMaelstrom / Via

13. This person who desperately wanted to dunk on Stephen King is probably voting:

A Twitter joke from Stephen King: "A priest a minister and a rabbit walk into a bar, the rabbit says, "I think I'm a typo", and a response saying "It's spelled rabbi Steve, this is really embarrassing for you as an author"

14. This surprised person is probably voting:

A tweet saying "Dang everybody's birthday is this year"
samBme / Via

15. Neil is probably voting:

A tweet arguing that if we needed masks for survival we would've evolved them by now, and a response asking "do you wear shoes"

16. This mathematician is probably voting:

A tweet musing that "somebody born in 2020 will see the year 3000 when they're 80"

17. And this aspiring cake decorator is probably voting:

A photo of numerical birthday candles at the store with a tweet asking why there are candles for the number 0, "it's not like you turn 0 years old"
Twitter / Via

So if any of that concerns you, you should vote too! Check your registration, make a voting plan, and get more info at And Still I Vote.

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