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    21 Things That Are Either Poorly Planned Or Downright Evil

    Don't trick people into buying things 2K20.

    1. These food court benches, deliberately designed to be uncomfortable so people don't loiter.

    Tables in a mall food court with angled benches

    2. This bottle of herbs that's designed to hold less than it looks like it does.

    3. This bowl with a sticker that gives the exact opposite care information.

    The bottom of a bowl with a sticker that says "microwave safe dishwasher safe" while etching on the bowl reads "hand wash only do not microwave"

    4. This fine print that means the difference between $4 for an hour or $24 for an hour.

    A sign for public parking that displays $4 in large print, followed by "each 10 minutes" in much smaller print

    5. This service that charges a membership fee...and then charges another fee when you want to cancel.

    A cancellation page for a website that charges $2.95 to cancel the membership

    6. This company that charges $7 to deliver a digital ticket over email.

    7. This shopping site that just generates a random number to make you think other people are looking at the product.

    Text reads "you can fool anyone but not a programmer" at the top, followed by a screenshot of a shopping site that says "14 people are currently looking at this product," followed by the site's code showing that the 14 is a randomly generated number

    8. This hotel room TV that's actually a much smaller TV.

    Top: a large-looking TV that is turned off, bottom: the same TV turned on, showing that the picture is much smaller than the whole screen

    9. This remote education system that charges students $17.50 to take a midterm exam.

    10. This text spam that only stops if you reply with S-T-zero-P instead of S-T-O-P.

    11. This price label that only applies to "select items" instead of the whole rack of clothes.

    12. This box of bracelet supplies that takes up maybe 1/3 of the packaging.

    Top: a with a window in the outer packing showing bracelet-making supplies; bottom: the same box opened up, showing that the box is mostly empty

    13. This pen that's a liiiiiiiiittle short on ink.

    The casing of a pen with the ink cartridge pulled out, showing that the cartridge is a small fraction of the size of the pen

    14. This package that offers a "new, different hot sauce" each day for 12 days...except it's only six flavors repeated with different labels.

    15. This bottle of avocado oil that's only "up to 10%" avocado oil. Which could technically mean, like, 0.001%.

    The label on a bottle of avocado oil that reads "ingredients: canola oil & up to 10% avocado oil"

    16. This washer that costs $5.76 to start, but only takes quarters, so it's really $6.00.

    The coin slot on a washing machine that takes quarters with a digital display that reads 0.01

    17. This bar graph that really plays up a 2% difference.

    A bar graph during a news program that reads: "your personal finances in the next year" with one very short bar with a value of 49% that reads "confident, optimistic" and a much taller bar with a value of 51% that reads "worried, uncertain"

    18. This heart-attack-inducing advertisement stuck on car windshields.

    A piece of paper advertising for students to buy a yearbook that is made to look like a parking ticket

    19. This knockoff phone with two fake camera lenses.

    A phone opened up to show that there is only one camera on the inside even though there are three camera lenses on the casing

    20. This ad for a bucket of candy that makes no mention of size.

    A hand holding up a small bucket in front of an advertisement for the same bucket that reads "$10 bulk candy fill as much as you want"

    21. And finally, every time a toilet paper package makes you do math.

    Feeling overwhelmed by toilet paper math

    H/T to r/assholedesign