People Are Sharing Seemingly Innocent Things That Are Super Dangerous, And Thanks, Now I'm Scared Of Everything

    Seriously, I'm just gonna wrap myself in bubble wrap and stay home.

    I don't want to alarm anyone, but there's a lot of dangerous stuff out there in the world.

    Recently, Redditor u/DeezCrazyMan asked, "What are some really dangerous things most people don't realize are dangerous?" And people responded with everyday objects and activities that — it turns out — are super unsafe. Here are some of the most-upvoted comments:

    1. "Kitten bites."

    "If a kitten has unclean teeth and bites you to the point you draw blood there's a decent chance you can get a major infection and die. Their teeth [are] like little needles that inject bacteria right into your blood, and since their teeth [are] so thin you heal from the bite really fast. However your body never had a chance to clean the bacteria before the wound closed, so the rate of infection is crazy high."


    kitten yawning

    2. "Pushing and using force to push out a turd."


    "Unfortunately true. If you have to do a lot of straining, adjust your diet/talk to a doctor. Hard straining can cause everything from minor inconveniences like hemorrhoids, up to heart attacks and strokes. And let's face it, no one really wants to get found dead on the toilet."


    3. "Driving while tired. It can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk, but many people do it without thinking twice."

    "For context, 20 hours awake impairs you as much as .08% BAC, which counts as DUI in many states."


    4. "Both moving water and still water on the road can be very dangerous."

    "You never know how deep it could be, and water can absolutely pick your whole car up and send you off in unintended directions quite suddenly, at the same speed you were traveling."


    5. "A lot of people end up with liver failure from overusing Tylenol (acetaminophen). Its not harmless, don't treat it like Skittles."


    6. "Brazilian butt lifts. One of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries."


    before and after photos with text reading, a study showed that 1 in 3000 brazillian butt lift surgeries resulted in death, the hight mortality rate of any cosmetic procedure

    7. "Not having enough sodium. There’s always warnings about too much salt, but apparently if you don’t have enough it can throw your body totally out of whack. Learned this after passing out and ending up in the ER."


    8. "Garage door springs."


    "My buddy installs garage doors professionally and he has a ton of horror stories. One that sticks out in my head is while tensioning the spring, one of the guys he was working with let the tension bar go and it flung it so hard that it went directly through the ceiling, second floor of the house and out of the roof. They never found where it landed."


    9. "A full-force punch to the face. People have died from a single punch."


    "Also just being pushed or falling on the ground. Human bodies can surprisingly be very weak and very strong. But not as strong as concrete."


    10. "Eating grapefruit while on medication. Grapefruit has so many bad interactions with medication, ranging from rendering the medication ineffective to toxicity."


    11. "Putting your feet on the dashboard. It is extremely dangerous."


    woman with her feet on the dashboard and text, never ever do this

    12. "Walking up or down the stairs. The most common accident at home is falling down the stairs."


    13. "Sitting all day."


    "I just tore my psoas because I sit all day and it was weak asf. I never knew you could tear a muscle from underuse. Two months of excruciating pain, three weeks of PT and I’m finally getting better. But yeah, stretching and yoga are top priority for me now."


    14. "Pregnancy can be deadly."

    "Pregnancy can leave lifelong health complications.

    Pregnancy can be expensive if you don’t have the right medical care (or are in the right country).

    This is why it needs to be a choice. Because even when you plan things out, things can go south, quickly."


    15. "I think people frequently drive WAY too close to the car in front of them."

    "Growing up, I was always taught 'a car length's distance for every 10 mph.' And that simple rule of driving has saved my ass more times than I can count."


    circle around cars too close together with text, you should be able to count three seconds after the car in front passes a marker before you pass it

    16. "Bleach."

    "Mix with ammonia? Basically mustard gas (you die). Mix with alcohol? Chloroform (you can pass out and have organ failure). Mix with vinegar? Chlorine gas (you die).

    Bonus: Mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar? Peracetic acid (your lungs bleed).

    To clarify: DO NOT CLEAN PEE WITH BLEACH. (Pee has ammonia.)"


    17. "Falling down."

    "I know there are jokes about the whole 'I've fallen and I can't get up!' But it's a real danger. As we get older, our bones lose density and strength, so falling can actually cause legitimate injuries.

    And even if you're not old, unprotected falls are still dangerous. Street fights where people get knocked out and fall onto concrete is super dangerous. It doesn't take a lot of height to cause serious damage when falling and hitting your head."


    18. "Noise canceling headphones while walking in cities."

    "You need to be able to hear your surroundings to react properly, can easily walk into traffic or get swiped by a bike if you’re tuning out the world. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings in dense areas."


    19. "For new parents, sleeping with your newborn in the bed."

    "A lot of SIDS cases are actually accidentally smothering from one of the parents rolling on the baby and not finding out until it's too late. Sadly, I've seen this happen more than a few times."


    20. "Bathtub/shower combos. There are [more than] 80K injuries annually in the US from bathtub/shower accidents."


    arrows pointing to sections of the bathtub with text, use anti-slip mats and grab bars here

    21. "Running water in a river or steam. Doesn’t take much to swipe you off your feet!"


    22. "Grain silos."

    "There’s a lot of reasons, but most notably If you have to work on the interior of the grain silo, the grain acts like quicksand and you can sink into the grain and suffocate, being completely unable to get out on your own. Suffocation is the main cause of death in grain silo incidents. It can take less than 22 seconds to be completely enveloped in grain."


    23. "Dogs."

    "I fucking love dogs — but don't pet someone's dog without asking first. And absolutely don't put your face near theirs without knowing the dog is safe.

    At the end of the day, it's a 50-pound predator with pointy teeth and strong jaws. If he feels threatened, he'll use them without a second thought."


    dog barking with text, never pet a dog without asking their owner first

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