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    A Ranking Of All 50 US States, Just Based On Vibes

    Sorry, this is final.

    50. Ohio

    A weathered road sign that reads "Ohio welcomes you"
    Fotoguy22 / Getty Images

    I'm just saying I've never met anyone who likes Ohio who isn't from Ohio.

    49. Arkansas

    Sorry, I just don't know what Arkansas does. Also, your name is just Kansas with a couple extra letters! Pronouncing it differently isn't fooling anyone.

    48. Delaware

    Forgot it exists, tbh.

    47. Alabama

    I hate to rank it this low because I hate to kick a state when it's down, but there's a reason why Alabama is the fill-in whenever anyone makes a joke about a state that doesn't have its shit together.

    46. Kansas

    Oh, you thought you were getting off easy because of what I said about Arkansas, huh?

    45. Iowa

    A huge corn field in Iowa, stretching as far as the eye can see
    Vath. Sok / Getty Images

    I've driven through Iowa, and it was some of the most boring scenery I've seen in this country. Maybe it's nice there! But I'll probably never find out.

    44. Rhode Island

    Not an island. I don't like a liar.

    43. Missouri

    Everyone I know who lives in St. Louis absolutely LOVES St. Louis. But let's be honest, that's pretty much all Missouri has going on, and it's riiiiiiight on the border.

    42. Oklahoma

    There's nothing Oklahoma does that Texas doesn't do better, tbh. Also, while we're here: I know that if we listed every atrocity committed by the US government against Black and Indigenous people, we'd be here all day and every state would be ranked #50, but the Tulsa massacre was particularly horrendous and it was so swept under the rug that most of us didn't learn about it until Watchmen came out. So, think about that.

    41. Arizona

    Too hot. An affront to God.

    40. New Jersey

    The Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey
    Joecho-16 / Getty Images

    Just be happy you weren't ranked lower.

    39. Connecticut

    Too many rich people. Get outta here.

    38. New Hampshire

    The New Hampshire motto is "Live Free Or Die." And considering they're the only US state to not require seatbelts, it seems like they're leaning toward "die."

    37. Kentucky

    I'm not kidding, I had to add this in later when I realized I had forgotten all about Kentucky. I guess Louisville is pretty cool.

    36. Indiana

    I feel like Indianapolis is an underrated city, based entirely on my viewings of the HGTV show Good Bones. Other than that, meh.

    35. Wisconsin

    An aerial view of a small farm town in rural Wisconsin
    Jamesbrey / Getty Images

    Wisconsin wishes it was what Minnesota is. However, they make good beer and cheese, I hear, and both those things are tasty.

    34. Nebraska

    Thanks for the corn.

    33. Idaho

    Thanks for the potatoes.

    32. Mississippi

    Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else feel like Mississippi has kind of a mystique to it? Like, what goes on down there? Do they still have old-timey riverboats? I bet they do.

    31. South Dakota

    There's a lot of natural beauty here. Mount Rushmore is dumb.

    30. North Dakota

    A view of the Badlands in North Dakota, featuring jagged rock formations
    Garylestrangephotography / Getty Images

    Like South Dakota, but without the dumb monument built on Indigenous land!

    29. Nevada

    Some of the northern parts are pretty, and I guess so are the southern parts if you like deserts. Vegas is fun if you're either in your twenties or eighties, but not in between.

    28. Maine

    Very pretty, but it snows too much. Next.

    27. Maryland

    Sorry, I don't eat crab cakes. Mostly an extension of DC, plus Baltimore.

    26. Virginia

    Mostly an extension of DC, plus plantations. But if you're into US history, here ya go.

    25. South Carolina

    A cobblestone street in a historic district in Charleston
    Peter Unger / Getty Images

    Cool architecture, always feels a little racist.

    24. North Carolina

    Ever been to Asheville? That place is hella cool.

    23. Georgia

    Atlanta is a heck of a city. Everything's way too humid, though.

    22. West Virginia

    Gets bonus points purely for being in "Take Me Home, Country Roads," which we should adopt as our national anthem.

    21. Massachusetts

    Boston should be a cool city with all its history, but you gotta recognize that when the term "Mass-holes" exists...

    20. Wyoming

    A small herd of buffalo grazing next to a river in Yellowstone National Park
    Fyletto / Getty Images

    I think Wyoming's a sleeper. The place looks beautiful. There's gotta be a reason Kanye picked it.

    19. Montana

    I absolutely KNOW Montana is beautiful. I also went to a rodeo there once where it kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance and the announcer said "UNDER GOD" in a threateningly pointed way. I might just stick to the national parks.

    18. Alaska

    Gorgeous, but I don't know how anyone deals with A) the snow, B) how remote it is, and C) the complete loss of your circadian rhythm thanks to the extended periods of sun or darkness.

    17. Washington

    Has Seattle. Can hop over to Vancouver. Rains a bit too much.

    16. Illinois

    Let's be honest: The whole state is pretty much just Chicago. But Chicago is a pretty cool city!

    15. Utah

    A view from the road in the middle of the Utah desert with picturesque mesas in the distance
    Benedek / Getty Images

    Have you been to this place? It's GORGEOUS. Even if you've just driven through Colorado, you still look around and go "wow, this is pretty."

    14. New Mexico

    Some spots in New Mexico have cool vibes, like Taos. Other spots are Albuquerque. I mean, Breaking Bad was set there. That's a plus and a minus, ya know?

    13. Florida

    Sure, we've probably all said "Florida sucks" at some point, but Miami, Disney World, and all the entertaining "Florida Man" headlines have to be worth something.

    12. Tennessee

    Nashville! Whiskey! This place is like someone just threw up Americana all over.

    11. Louisiana

    New Orleans is a truly unique city and feels like no other place in the US. There's also this sense that you could drive into the Bayou and just disappear. Or maybe True Detective just scared me.

    10. Pennsylvania

    A funiclar in the foreground of a skyline view of Pittsburgh
    Haizhanzheng / Getty Images

    Always has a super blue-collar vibe to it. Lots of history, obviously. Nice trees.

    9. Colorado

    A panoramic view of the snowy Rocky Mountains
    Gary Gray / Getty Images

    Stunning. Great outdoor activities: hot springs, skiing, hiking, you name it. Legalized weed early. Chill vibe. Needs stronger gun laws.

    8. Minnesota

    A view of the Minneapolis skyline at sunset
    F11photo / Getty Images

    Blisteringly cold, but my goodness people are nice there. And everyone who's ever been to Minneapolis seems to love it.

    7. Michigan

    An old-fashioned lighthouse on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula
    Douglemke / Getty Images

    Incredible natural beauty. Generally friendly people. Also tends to have the type of people who protest against wearing masks and plot to kidnap the governor. It's a mixed bag.

    6. Texas

    An aerial view of the river walk in downtown San Antonio
    Sean Pavone / Getty Images

    Texas basically became the lens through which the rest of the world views us, and I think it's because they remain a caricature of what the USA is "supposed to be," whether that's cowboy boots and a southern twang or ill-advised shirking of regulation in the name of freedom. Their food is undeniably great, whether you're eating Tex-Mex or BBQ, and they're large enough that they have a few pretty great cities to visit.

    5. Oregon

    Jeremy Janus / Getty Images

    This whole state just has an indescribable vibe. You have Portland, with all its entertaining weirdness. You have Bend, which is the home of the last remaining Blockbuster Video. You also have a recurring problem with extremist right-wing militias.

    4. New York

    A view of Manhattan from on top of a building in Chinatown
    Filippobacci / Getty Images

    I say this as a Californian: New York City is the coolest city we have in the US. But this isn't a ranking of cities, it's a ranking of states. I've been to upstate New York. It's nice! It's not amazing.

    3. Vermont

    A misty lake in Vermont amid a forest full of trees during autumn
    Denistangneyjr / Getty Images

    Stunning. No better place to see changing leaves in fall, IMO. Great maple syrup.

    2. California

    An aerial view of the coast near Big Sur with mountains and cliffs leading to a sandy beach
    Adamkaz / Getty Images

    "Oh, look at that," you're probably saying, sarcastically. "A West Coast writer putting California super high on a ranking of states. I'm soooooo surprised." Yeah, well, there's a reason people like it here. Lots of natural beauty, mountains AND beaches, and several big cities to choose from. Sure, your area might be hit by earthquakes or catch fire on any given day, but when winter rolls around and you're sitting in 75-degree sun while everyone else is freezing their butts off, you'll take a little tectonic movement.

    1. Hawaii

    Art Wager / Getty Images

    This place is impossibly gorgeous. It's so damn beautiful that it feels like you've gone to heaven. The food is fantastic, a mix of all the cultures that have been there or landed there. The Indigenous people of Hawaii have managed to strongly maintain their culture and values despite all the colonization, which makes it feel so different from the rest of the US. While the remoteness of it can make living there tough or expensive, the perks are worth it.

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