These "Star Wars" Auditions From "SNL" Are Beyond Hilarious

    Saturday Night Live remade a classic sketch with a bunch of stars (and SNL cast members impersonating stars) auditioning for Star Wars.

    If you're a TV watcher of a certain age, you probably remember the Saturday Night Live "lost Star Wars auditions" sketch.

    Yep, that's Kevin Spacey pretending to be Christopher Walken auditioning for the role of Han Solo.

    Well, there's been an update. Last night, SNL did a new version of the sketch for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

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    It featured actors like Jon Hamm and Emma Stone playing themselves and SNL cast members impersonating celebs. Plus, Star Wars cast members Daisy Ridley and John Boyega showed up!

    Cecily Strong totally nailed it as Sofia Vergara.

    Emma Stone totally called out the Aloha controversy.

    And John Boyega called out the "controversy" around his role as well.

    Bobby Moynihan played a pretty spot-on George Lucas.

    Honestly everyone was amazing, but we actually wish Hamm Solo was in the movie for real.