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This Emma Roberts Video Is Going Viral, And The Memes Are Hilarious But Kinda Dark

Sorry, can't talk right now, I'm watching this video on a loop.

Folks, it all started when Emma Roberts posted this video to Instagram:

It's a simple video of Emma on a beach, posing for the camera and laughing while a Lana Del Rey song plays. It's got the perfect "this is candid but also I'm aware it's candid" vibe.

So, obviously, Twitter made it into a meme. Here are some of the funniest ones so far:

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Nobody: The movie detective’s dead wife in a home video:

Twitter: @Philip_Ellis


me looking at myself on teams before everybody else logs into the meeting

Twitter: @getwellsoongeri


Me trying to get the barista at Pret to give me my coffee for free

Twitter: @ToddR_


Me pretending to be engaged in what my friend is saying but really I’m just trying to look candid for the hot guy near us who isn’t paying attention to me

Twitter: @czar_ell


marie antoinette when the people were begging for bread

Twitter: @vaIentinism


catherine of aragon and anne boleyn when henry viii asked if the children they’d produced were sons

Twitter: @David_Chippa


The CDC getting ready to tell us we have to wear masks again

Twitter: @ecareyo


me when he looks over and asks “did you just fart??”

Twitter: @casualkief


Twitter: @kylemoncelle


Me right before asking my manager if I can go home 6 hrs early

Twitter: @umar922_


Me after someone repeats themselves for the 3rd time and I still don’t hear what they said

Twitter: @marlencha1992


Me before saying no to rounding up my spare change to donate to charity

Twitter: @getheMemo


Me when I reply to the question “How was your weekend?” With a vague “it was super chill” to my coworkers after a genuinely concerning two day bender

Twitter: @tony_charm


Surprise, beach. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

Twitter: @j___dmc


Y'all, Emma Roberts herself has seen the memes and she loves them. Earlier today, she posted this on her Instagram story:

Emma Roberts's Instagram story featuring the video with the caption "me going viral after 30" and "thank you gays and whoever else"

I fully expect "thank you gays and whoever else" to be the new Twitter meme. If anyone can double-meme off of one video, it's Emma Roberts.