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    Even More Hilarious Harry Potter Comics That Prove Dumbledore Was Totally Irresponsible

    The return of the Dumbleburn.

    A German comic artist has already won the hearts of Harry Potter fans with her hilarious Dumbledore comics.

    Now, the artist has released a bunch of new Harry Potter comics, and they just keep getting funnier.

    Dumbledore is still as irresponsible as always.

    Oh, and his Instagram name is "Dang.Ledore."

    Not all of the comics are about Dumbledore, though. Some raise questions about Harry in his later years.

    Some focus on Malfoy.

    Others show a slightly incompetent Voldemort.

    But Dumbledore is still the star of the show.

    Especially when he's insulting Snape.

    Or trying to lob puns at Lupin.

    He even gets his own version of the books.

    Dumbledore OUT.

    You can check out more of the artist's amazing and hilarious work on her Tumblr.