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18 Dumb But Funny Posts That I Feel Like An Idiot For Laughing At

I didn't want to laugh at any of these, but I did anyway.

1. Brid

A sign on a store shelf reads "This item is reduced due to misspelling of the word bird thank you." It is next to a decorated bucket with letters that read "brid"

2. Nephews

On the left, a painting of a magician making two girls float using magic, labeled "telekinesis." On the right, the same painting but with two boys, labeled "telekinephews"

3. Na na na na na na na na na na

say it ain’t so i will not go turn the lights off

4. OK

Twitter: @konamicola

5. Boops

6. Clown

a tumblr post from user cosmog that reads "hey it's me bjözo the scandinavian clown, hjönk"

7. Pontifex

a cat wearing a slipper on its head with text from tumblr user megbiediger that reads "it's the pope"

8. *Accordion*

a tumblr post from user rosesalts that reads "when the moon hits ur eye like a big pizza pie macklemoré"

9. Hippo

a chart for a school assignment for children that reads "wants versus needs sorting," under the "i want" column are items like vegetables, candy, water, air, tablet, but under the "i need" column is one item: hippopotamus

10. Snow globe

11. Bones

12. Clownboy

a tumblr post from user thankyu that reads "a clownboy (half clown, half cowboy) says yeehonk"

13. Goat

An illustration of a young boy putting his pants on next to a goat with text that reads "a morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness," with added text from tumblr user aduhm that reads "he fuck that goat"

14. Uranus

One day I’ll be mature enough to read this without laughing.

15. Bootleg

text reads "beep boop it's a" followed by a picture of an off-brand toy car that says "joop" on the hood

16. Ticket

two images of dominic toretto from "fast and the furious" reaching intensely out of his car window, followed by an image of a parking structure ticket sticking out of a kiosk

17. Miracle

18. Yort