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16 People Who Should've Thought Before They Tweeted

This is basically a gallery of people who got ratioed.

1. The person who forgot about term limits:

2. The person who didn't realize they were already pro-choice:

3. The anti-vaxxer who thought they'd made a good point:

4. The person who alllllmost had an idea going there for a second:

5. Marco Rubio, who made a noticeable error:

6. The person who just couldn't understand why people don't buy $900 plane tickets:

7. The "officials" who warned people about what's basically just an urban legend:

8. The person who tried to get some clout:

9. The publication that missed the point:

10. The person who already gave up their face:

11. The report that worried about those poor corporations:

12. The Trump appointee who forgot about the '80s:

13. The person who maybe didn't realize what insulin is for:

14. The article that definitely didn't do the reading:

15. The person who thought everything was a Fortnite reference:

16. And finally, the transit account that picked the wrong quote: