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    14 Very Good Dogs Posing In Masks To Show Humans How It's Done

    Dogs don't need masks, but they'll model them for us if they have to.

    By now, thanks to CDC recommendations, we know that wearing a face mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But not all humans are wearing masks when they should!

    So here are some very good dogs who are showing us how it's done.

    Please note: These doggos are only posing for the pics! Your dog doesn't need and probably shouldn't wear a face mask. They're just doing their civic duty and modeling good behavior, since SOME humans aren't getting the memo.

    1. This pup, who has augmented the look with some cool shades:

    2. This very good dog who has opted for a patterned fabric:

    3. This lil' cutie with a stylish mask and a wrinkly face:

    4. This dog, who's saying what we're all feeling:

    5. This big guy, who is using an old dust mask:

    6. This Shiba, who is telling you "this is the way":

    7. This pupper, who is experiencing the all-too-familiar smoosh face:

    8. This tiny pup with a tiny mask to match:

    9. This Frenchie, who is helpfully modeling a common mask-wearing gotta be sure to cover your nose as well!

    10. This good boy, who is reminding you that even a bandana is better than no protection at all:

    11. This colorful duo, enjoying some outside time:

    12. This boxer in blue:

    13. This model showing off their human's mask design:

    14. And finally, this little one with the tried-and-true disposable mask:

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