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    Just 18 Hilariously Goofy Dogs To Brighten Your Week

    They are still 100,000% good.

    1. This pair that gets weird when their human is gone:

    2. Moose, who is not one for socializing:

    drove half an hour to take moose to the good dog park and instead of sitting at home he sat at the dog park

    3. This sweetie who isn't mad, promise!

    4. This dog who should honestly try out for the Olympics:

    5. This pup who — somehow — managed to get stuck:

    6. This big guy with a...unique yawn:


    This is Barney, he yawns a little different... #fyp #yawn

    ♬ original sound - emma

    7. This pupper who plays with frisbees a little differently:

    8. This doggo who found a perfect little spot:

    9. Badger, who just hangs out like this:

    10. This husky who is the epitome of a husky:

    11. Captain, who has a very important job that nobody asked him to do:

    12. This pup who really, really loves treats:

    13. This lil' dude who's gonna get the hang of it someday:

    14. This dog, who is clearly part dragon:

    15. This pug who will smoosh wherever and whenever they feel like it:

    16. This dog, who has perfected a Charlie Chaplin walk:

    17. Comet, who is creative with his food bowl:

    18. And finally, this very good boi who only needs part of the bed, thanks:

    H/T r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog