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19 Times "She's The Man" Was The Funniest Movie Ever

"I gotta lifetimeaknowledge."

1. When Viola got an etiquette lesson.

2. When she didn't quite grasp the lingo.

3. Or the whole hit-to-the-balls thing.

4. When this happened.

5. Followed closely by this.

6. When Viola hedged a bit too much.

7. When she totally called out the tyranny of high heels.

8. When she pumped herself up.

9. And did the same for Duke.

10. When Eunice took lab, and Duke, very seriously.

11. And really loved cheese.

12. Really, basically anytime Eunice showed up.

13. When Paul didn't really phrase things right.

14. When Amanda Bynes gave the greatest line reading in the history of film.

15. When Viola tried to recover.

16. More than once.

17. Even when it didn't really make sense.

18. When her insults were on point.

19. And finally, when she spoke the greatest line of movie dialogue ever written.