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    People Are Dunking Hard On This Guy Who Thinks Disney World Is Too "Woke"

    You mess with the bull (writing an op-ed with a stupid opinion), you get the horns (lots of tweets about your stupid opinion).

    Every day, Twitter has a "main character," someone who gets everyone talking for one reason or another. Today, the main character is an adult man who wrote an op-ed about how he doesn't want to go to Disney World anymore because of the park's supposed "wokeness."


    In the article, he complains about recent and upcoming changes that would allow Disney employees more freedom of hairstyles and allow them to show their tattoos, which they previously had to cover.

    Guests taking selfies in front of the castle at Disneyland
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    The op-ed also has complaints about proposed changes to the Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise rides, as well as changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that have already been implemented.

    Bryan R. Smith / Getty Images

    Splash Mountain will be remodeled to feature characters from 2009's The Princess and the Frog, replacing the animatronics from the Disney film Song of the South. Jungle Cruise will be removing racist figures from the ride, and Pirates has already changed an animatronic section that had women being auctioned off as "brides."

    Naturally, the dunking-upon has begun:

    help I need the sex slavery back at disney world, my family is dying

    Twitter: @damnyouwillis

    Some are expressing their appreciation for his alleged commitment to avoid the park:

    What I’m hearing is that soon Disney World will be much more enjoyable because people like this won’t be there.

    Twitter: @MsMegan

    Rando: "If Disney World doesn't dial back the wokeness, people like me will stop going." Me, not having to wait in line for hours:

    Twitter: @DrNerdLove

    While others are just stuck on how astronomically bad the take is:

    “I’m not going to Disney World because the pirates don’t rape women anymore” is an interesting position to take.

    Twitter: @BenjaminJS

    @SOB_VO @orlandosentinel imagine going to disney world with ur dad and he wont let you go on the pirates ride because it doesnt disrespect women enough

    Twitter: @girafecolore

    I love Disney World, but wokeness is ruining the experience. The multiculturalism of the "It's A Small World" ride makes it hard for me, a large adult man-person, to enjoy a day alone at a theme park and I feel my heritage is being erased by animatronic Ecuadorian dancers.

    Twitter: @RexHuppke

    let me be clear: i pay disney world money SPECIFICALLY to make me, a grown man, ACTUALLY believe i am in the real life presence of fictional, animated characters. when Goofy has an undercut, I cannot take him seriously as the cartoon that he is

    Twitter: @caseyjohnston

    Some are pointing out why the changes for employees are particularly important:

    @LDTG117 When I went to Disney World, one of the employees rolled up his sleeve and told me that he could get fired for doing so, but he wanted to show me that we had matching tattoos 🤣🙃 I’m glad nobody’s livelihood will be threatened now for experiencing joy.

    Twitter: @cplxtraumaqueen

    And then there's always the point that, really, there are other problems with the park to worry about:

    Me- *at Disney World drinking a $7 Dasani and waiting for over three hours for the Dumbo ride* I’m not happy with the wokeness.

    Twitter: @tonyposnanski

    There are points being made about the privilege that comes with a take like this:

    @orlandosentinel ‘I prefer to think of the cast members not as individual humans who are there bc they need to put food on their tables but bc they desire to serve as living props in my arrested-development fantasy lifestyle.” This guy doesn’t want Disney World; he wants Westworld.

    Twitter: @ThomboyD

    Even Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has joined in:

    The "wokeness", specifically, is seeing cast members tattoos & removing a character named "Trader Sam" from Jungle Cruise. A grown man sees these things (or doesn't see them) & gets all worked up & the experience is "ruined" for him. Somehow he doesn't see this as HIS problem.

    Twitter: @JamesGunn

    Of course, there are some meta milkshake-duck jokes:

    the Disney world guy everyone loves right now is probably gonna turn out to be not a good guy. just watch

    Twitter: @dlicj

    And Photoshops:

    When you love Disney World, but wokeness is ruining the experience

    Twitter: @pattymo

    And then there's just the point, it's not for you:’s a theme park for children

    Twitter: @davidmackau

    But ultimately, I think Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur speaks for all of us here:

    Everyone's dunking on the middle-aged man from Nevada who complained that he can't enjoy Disney World anymore because of "wokeness." But I think we all need to just pause for a second and gather our thoughts, so we have more energy for the next round of dunking on him.

    Twitter: @KenTremendous

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