These Disney Warriors Are The Badass Princesses You Need

    You don't need a prince to save you when you have a crossbow.

    When some people think of Disney princesses, they imagine a girl in a dress who sings to birds and stuff.

    But artist Jessica Madorran has reimagined the Disney heroines as badass warriors, and the results are fierce AF.

    Jessica Madorran

    Here's Jasmine with some kunai and a Rajah tattoo for added intimidation.

    What's better than a frying pan? How about a frickin' FLAIL?

    Jessica Madorran

    Prince Charming has his sword, but Cinderella can hold her own with her rope dart.

    Ariel looks deadly with her trident-firing crossbow.

    Jessica Madorran / Via

    Flounder looks like he'd be good in a fight, too.

    Snow White learned her lesson about apples and now just chops them up while dual-wielding axes.

    Belle is historically accurate with a French rapier.

    Fans of Kill la Kill will recognize Sally's scissor blades.

    Jessica Madorran

    Of course Mulan was a warrior to begin with, but this new outfit and bow just makes her look even more like a boss.

    Jessica Madorran

    You can check out Jessica Madorran's Tumblr for even more drawings, including Alice and Aurora.