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    18 Details From Disney Movies That I Only Just Noticed

    People are always uncovering new details that I missed!

    1. This little detail with Mushu's newspaper:

    In Disney's Mulan (1998) Mushu flips the newspaper from left to right because traditional chinese text was written in columns going from right to left. from MovieDetails

    2. This sneaky Marvel reference:

    In Disney/Pixar's Onward (2020) during the scene inside The Manticore's restaurant, I spotted a familiar looking gauntlet grabbing stones. from MovieDetails

    3. This background prop in Saving Mr. Banks:

    In Saving Mr Banks (2013), you can see a map of Florida in Walt Disney’s office, with a specific place outlined. This is the planned location of the Walt Disney World Resort, which opened in 1971. The film is set in 1961. from MovieDetails

    4. And this one, too:

    In Saving Mr Banks (2013), you can see the special Oscar that Walt Disney won for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. from MovieDetails

    5. This historical reference:

    In COCO (2017), the “Rivera Family of Shoemakers” started in 1921. The same year Walt Disney made his first animation. from MovieDetails

    6. This little historical fact that explains a scene in Fantasia:

    Disney's 1940 animated film Fantasia shows the dinosaurs dying off as the result of an intense drought. The theory of mass extinction as the result of an astroid strike wasn't proposed until 1980. from MovieDetails

    7. This dark detail:

    In Enchanted (2007) the troll that chases Giselle at the beginning of the movie is wearing a loin cloth made up of the peasant dresses from previous Disney Princesses from MovieDetails

    8. And this even darker one 😭:

    The Gusteau's pantry in Ratatouille (2007) stocks a few cans of Nemo brand caviar. To quote the YouTube channel Cinemawins, that's dark Pixar. Real dark. from MovieDetails

    9. This little shoutout on Merlin's boxers:

    My boyfriend and I were watching Disney’s The Sword in the Stone tonight and I noticed B.V.D on Merlin’s underpants. After some google digging he thinks he’s figured out what it means. Buena Vista Distribution. Just a little hidden gem from the production team. 🙂 from MovieDetails

    10. This cameo, in case you were wondering where John Ratzenberger was in Soul:

    In Soul (2020), John Ratzenberger, who has voiced a character in every Pixar movie, does not have a speaking part. Instead, he has a “non-speaking cameo” as his likeness is used for one of the background characters in the subway scene. Confirmed by co-director Kemp Powers. from MovieDetails

    11. This bit of intense accuracy:

    Frozen (2013) features accurate Norse runes. Disney consulted with Jack Crawford, a leading international expert in Old Norse. Crawford made several minor plot changes and coached voice actor Robert Pine, who played the bishop in the coronation scene and delivered a speech in the Norse language. from MovieDetails

    12. This split-second bit of writing from the Genie:

    In Aladdin (1992), during the song, "Friend Like Me" when Genie mentions taking Aladdin's order, Disney animators had Genie write "Turkey Pilaf" in Persian to match the Middle Eastern setting from MovieDetails

    13. This detail wherein Pixar pokes fun at itself:

    In Toy Story 4 (2019), a car has the licence plate "RMRF97". In 1997, someone at Pixar accidentally typed “rm -r -f “, deleting the entire Toy Story 2 movie from the Pixar database. Fortunately, the film's supervising technical director had a backup copy at home, and the movie was restored. from MovieDetails

    14. This TRIPLE pun:

    The name of Pixar’s 2018 short, Bao, is a play on words. 包, pronounced “bao”, is the Mandarin Chinese word for “dumpling”; however, this pronunciation is shared by 宝, meaning “treasure” or “baby”, and 保, meaning “protect” or “defend”. from MovieDetails

    15. This amazing Lord of the Rings reference:

    Onward 2020 - early in the film we see the fast food restaurant ‘Burger Shire’, a reference to The Lord of The Rings. The sign on the pole reads “now serving 2nd breakfast”, a hobbit tradition. from MovieDetails

    16. And this one, too. Well played:

    Onward (2020) The soda is called Mountain Doom from MovieDetails

    17. This detail that proves Hei Hei is always lost and possibly also immortal:

    In Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) Hei Hei from Moana can be seen when Raya first gets to Talon. from MovieDetails

    18. And finally, this remix of an old friend:

    The carpet from the song "How Far I'll Go" in the movie Moana (2016), is a replica of Aladdin's magic carpet from Aladdin (1992) from MovieDetails

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