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People Who Didn't Want Kids But Ended Up Being Parents: Tell Us How You Feel About It

We've heard from people who are child-free by choice and from people who always planned on having kids, but it's time to talk about people who had kids when they weren't planning on it.

When it comes to having kids, people tend to think there are two groups: people who always wanted kids, and people who never wanted kids.

But we want to hear from people who didn't want kids at first but ended up having them anyway. Maybe you didn't want kids for a long time, but one day you changed your mind.

Or maybe you never wanted kids, but your partner did, and so you went along for the ride.

Or maybe your kid was an unexpected surprise, thanks to some failed birth control, which upended your plans for a child-free lifestyle.

Whatever the case may be, we want to know: how do you feel now that you have kids if you didn't want them before? What made you change your mind if that was what happened? Do you regret having kids, or did having them open you up to a whole world you didn't think you'd enjoy?

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