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    11 Times The Denny's Tumblr Was Hilariously Awesome

    "Not many people know that Denny's is where medieval knights would eat to celebrate glorious jousting victories." WHAT.

    You might already know that Tumblr is a source for all kinds of gold, including gems like this one.

    It's a pretty great source of puns in general, really.

    But did you know that Denny's has its own official Tumblr, and that it's amazing?

    Yes, this is Denny's the restaurant we're talking about.

    They have some pretty great puns going on.

    Most of them are food-related.

    And they will defend those puns to the death.

    Sometimes you're just not quite sure what's going on, but people seem to be on board.

    Denny's is also an avid defender of nachos.


    They give great advice.

    They also respond to questions, which is never not hilarious.

    And they keep their fans under control.

    Basically it's just the greatest thing ever.

    Go to their Tumblr to see more weird stuff and wonder how any of this ever actually happened.