If You Stand In The Airplane Aisle As Soon As The Plane Lands, You Are Wrong


    If you're anything like me, you love traveling but hate airplanes and everything to do with them.

    From getting through airport security to sitting in cramped seats while a guy next to you coughs and a baby behind you cries for four hours straight, just about everything having to do with air travel suuuuuuucks.

    But there's one thing that bugs me more than anything else: People who STAND UP in the AISLE as soon as the plane frickin' lands.

    Man Shaves 1.7 Seconds Off 2-Hour Flight By Standing Up As Soon As Plane Lands https://t.co/WxUuNqGccl

    The doors are still closed. Nobody is going anywhere. You will not save time by standing in the aisle with your ass right in the face of the poor bastard sitting in 27C.

    "But I need to stretch!" you say. Fine, Karen, get up and stretch, and then SIT BACK DOWN and wait until the doors have opened and it's your turn to get up and gather your shit.

    Here's the thing: There might be people on the plane who need to get off ASAP because they have a connecting flight that departs soon. Your dumb ass standing in the aisle is in their way.

    good morning and happy monday to everyone except the people who stand up as soon as the plane lands

    Or maybe you just like being uncomfortable and crowding other people's personal space. IDK!

    So please, if you're an aisle-stander: Tell me why you do it. I'm listening!

    I wonder what the people who stand up as soon as the plane lands do with ALL that extra time they saved. Interviews to come soon.