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    So, Uh, That Urban Legend About Human Ashes At Disney Parks Is Actually True

    Have a magical day!

    The Disney parks are magical places, full of fun and wonder.

    But it turns out the parks might be full of something else, too...human ashes.

    Yep, there's been an urban legend for a long time that people were spreading their loved ones' ashes at Disneyland and Disney World, but thanks to a report from the Wall Street Journal, it's now confirmed.

    As it turns out, the Haunted Mansion is the most popular spot where guests spread ashes.

    So, that's kinda horrifying. Let's be clear: It's also VERY MUCH against the rules.

    And if you do manage to sneak in cremains and spread them in the park, being caught means that those ashes are probably going to end up being vacuumed up and tossed out.

    So there's your dose of "oh my god, it's actually true" for today. Enjoy!