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    17 Completely Useless Websites To Get You Through A Long Work Day

    Bored? Me too. Here are some really dumb websites to kill time.

    1., where you hear an Owen Wilson "wow" and try to guess which movie it's from.

    2. Cookie Clicker, where you...uh, click on a cookie.

    3. Tiny Tuba, which is a tiny tuba.

    4. Endless Horse, which is a horse that is endless.

    5., where you split circles into smaller circles until eventually you reveal a picture.

    6. Cat Bounce, where you can bounce some cats.

    7., where you place your cursor anywhere and...well, just see what happens.

    8. Procatinator, which gives you a cat gif and pairs it with an appropriate song.

    9., which tells you if it's Christmas, duh.

    10., where you compete to be on the site for longer than anyone else.

    11. The World's Worst Website Ever, which may actually be what it says it is.

    12., which allows you to do what you've always secretly wanted to do: spin the roll of toilet paper onto the floor.

    13., which will actually tell you what to do if you're really bored.

    14., which is perfect for sending to anyone who can't seem to ever spell "definitely" correctly.

    15. The Wiki Game, where you try to get from one random Wikipedia page to another just by clicking on links.

    16., where you toss a piece of trash into the bin. Repeatedly.

    17. And finally, Just turn on your sound and click.