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Sorry, But "Coco" Is The Best Pixar Movie Of All The Pixar Movies

I will die on this hill (and, I guess, end up in the Land of the Dead).

Hey, what's your favorite Pixar movie?

Sorry, that was a rhetorical question. Because if you said anything other than Coco, you're 100% wrong.

Yeah, that's right: Coco is the best Pixar movie ever made. Toy Story 2? More like Toy Story who? Wall-E? I don't know her.

A lot of people are like, "OMG, the first 15 minutes of Up make me cry more than any movie ever made," and to them I say FALSE, because NOTHING will make you sob more than watching Mamá Coco sing "Remember Me."

Wanna know another fun fact? Coco is the only Pixar movie...that is also a musical. Yeah, some of the other movies have songs, but not songs that the characters actually sing!

Oh, and one of those songs, "Remember Me," won a friggin' OSCAR.

Wait, I think Coco won something else at the Academy Awards...hmm, lemme think...oh yeah, BEST ANIMATED FEATURE.

And this ain't a "watch it once and move on" kind of movie, people. There are ~layers~. Like, consider this detail that the guitar had a gold tooth on the neck, hinting that it was Héctor's guitar all along!

Or the fact that the Land of the Dead has hidden skulls all over the place, like in the windows, light bulbs, and even the way the buildings are arranged.

This is all to say that yes, Coco is the best Pixar movie, and anyone who disagrees will be smacked with a shoe.

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