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    Target Partnered With Chip And Jo From "Fixer Upper" And I'm Gonna Buy Everything

    No word yet on whether they'll sell giant clocks.

    Have you ever watched an episode of Fixer Upper and thought, "Damn, I wish Joanna Gaines would come and redesign my home?"


    Well, that's probably not going to happen. But, you'll soon be able to buy Chip and Joanna's new line at Target!

    In a post on their Magnolia Market blog, Chip Gaines announced that he and Jo have a new line of home products coming soon that will be sold exclusively through Target.

    Target / Via

    "Just as we’ve never created an exclusive line of product for a retailer before, Target has never done anything like this before either," Chip wrote. "Let me try to give you a visual: it’s like a little shop inside of Target. Jo keeps calling the look 'modern farmhouse,' whatever that means. All I know is she’s so excited about this collection that she wants to register for our wedding all over again."

    The line is called "Hearth & Hand with Magnolia," and it all looks very Joanna.

    Target / Via

    It blends clean, modern elements with that rustic, farmhouse look that Joanna loves to use so much on Fixer Upper. Some of the items are pretty adorable, too...are those little farmhouse salt and pepper shakers I see on the table?

    There will be new additions to the collection every season. And since this is Target we're talking about, most of the items will be under $30!


    Hearth & Hand will be available in Target stores and online on Nov. 5th.


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