Only True “The Office” Fans Will Be Able To Ace This Jim Halpert Quiz

What do each of these Jim faces mean?

  1. Why is Jim looking at the camera here?
    1. He just slapped Dwight.
    2. He pranked Dwight about forming an alliance.
    3. Dwight told him that the machines are going to attack.
  2. What's this Halpert face about?
    1. Michael just said something really sexist to Pam.
    2. He just watched Andy punch a wall.
    3. Michael just yelled “NO!” at Toby.
  3. Why is Jim making this face?
    1. Michael just lied to Jan, big time.
    2. Michael told Jan they weren’t having an office party, but they are.
    3. Michael is pretending to call corporate and complain.
  4. What's this laugh about?
    1. He just found out Pam is pregnant.
    2. Dwight just fell down. Hard.
    3. He just heard that Andy tore his scrotum.
  5. Why is Jim mugging for the camera here?
    1. Michael is making his computer talk.
    2. He’s denying to Michael that he pranked Dwight.
    3. He’s reacting to Michael’s impression of him.
  6. What's with this smirk?
    1. Michael just made a “that’s what she said” joke.
    2. Michael just called Jim “Fat Halpert.”
    3. Michael just did a really bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.
  7. Why is Jim pleading to you with his eyes?
    1. He just saw Jan’s candle room.
    2. Michael is talking about his vasectomy.
    3. Michael and Jan are arguing passive-agressively.
  8. Why does Jim look so quizzical?
    1. Dwight is acting weird in the parking lot.
    2. Andy just awkwardly proposed to Angela.
    3. He just learned about Mose’s nightmares.
  9. What's with this look?
    1. Michael just implied that everyone is intimidated by him.
    2. Dwight just said that Jim endorsed him as the new manager.
    3. Michael just said “heart-ons.”
  10. Why does Jim look so pleased?
    1. He just slapped Dwight.
    2. He just tricked Dwight into saying “I’ll enter him from the rear.”
    3. Dwight just said he could defeat six ninjas with one hand.

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