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    "Caillou" Has Been Canceled And People Are Rejoicing — Especially Parents

    At long last, we're free.

    Folks, I come bearing news that will likely bring great joy to parents everywhere: PBS is canceling Caillou.

    PBS Kids announced the news on Twitter...

    We're saying farewell to @cailloudhx, but remember, when we say goodbye to something...

    Twitter: @PBSKIDS

    ...and even offered some advice on how to help their kids deal with the loss of their fave show.

    ...It just means we get to say hello to something new! Here are tips for what to do when your child's favorite media goes away:

    Twitter: @PBSKIDS

    While there will probably be plenty of kids lamenting the cancellation, adults are sharing a different opinion.

    Folks, hating things is not a personality but hating Caillou is absolutely a personality, let us toast

    Twitter: @elamin88

    See, the show is notorious for being a tad annoying.

    Caillou and Mitch McConnell got canceled on the same day

    Twitter: @LDBurnett

    Many parents even argue that the show is a bad influence on kids because of how bratty Caillou is.

    Society when the final episode of Caillou airs.

    Twitter: @MisAnthroPony

    Of course, not everyone feels that way, and the replies under the PBS Kids announcement is also filled with support for the show.

    @PBSKIDS I'll never understand the Caillou haters. It's a lovely show, with relevant stories, and I'm grateful for the legacy it leaves.

    Twitter: @CreativeJuice21

    Some of the supportive tweets are from people who grew up with the show as kids, others are from parents who appreciate PBS's programming.

    so was i the only one that liked caillou?

    Twitter: @getonthefloorr

    But for the most part, this is a great day for parents everywhere.

    Twitter: @ajirixo

    Are you sad or thrilled about the cancellation of Caillou? Let us know in the comments!